New Initiatives


We realize our local chapters are where our leaders are built. We are also aware that transitioning our leaders is often a struggle and has been for decades. Our sisters deserve continued support, training and leadership opportunities. An increase in giving in these three priorities is an investment toward empowering women and future leaders to achieve their goals.

emergingneeds-img1Leadership Transitions Academy
During this intensive in-person event, the leadership from one year to the next will meet together with staff and advisory volunteers to create a smooth transition of policies, procedures, operational goals and objectives of the chapters.

Your Gift Impact
Under the guidance of educated women who have knowledge of the chapter’s needs, a strong transition of leadership will propel the chapter forward toward realizing significant growth in shorter periods of time.

emergingneeds-img2International Leadership Forum
In today’s world, attending college is an overwhelming financial burden for many women. Adding to that cost are fees and registrations to events like the International Leadership Forum (ILF).

Your Gift Impact
The new focus of ILF is to provide tradition through ritual, innovative personal development programming and opportunities to learn and grow makes this event our most mission-based program. It also drives up the registration cost. In order to open this opportunity to more sisters, funding the programs is necessary.


Alumnae Leadership Academy
The Alumnae Leadership Academy (ALA) is a program where local alumnae associations self-identity, nominate and fund their own members to attend a weekend of elevated leadership skills training. Only members of alumnae associations are eligible to participate.

Your Gift Impact
Attendees of the ALA build next-level leadership skills to bring back to help carry their association to new heights. Sisters who complete the ALA are eligible to work on Board committees and potentially be Board members later in life, helping perpetuate our culture of leadership and growth.